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TMP36 Temperature Sensor Sparkfun ROB-12779 EasyDriver v4.4 - Stepper Motor Driver Board Dual Motor Driver TB6612FNG (w/ Headers)
USB to TTL Serial Cable MicroSD Breakout Socket Level Shifting Ftdi FT231X Breakout - 3.3V & 5V
USB to TTL Serial Cable
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Ardunio PIR Motion Sensor with JST Connector 4 Channel 5 Volt Relay Module 8 Channel 5 Volt Relay Module
Bluetooth HC-05 Transmission Module XY Joystick Module (2 Pack) Soil Moisture Sensor and Water Level Sensor (1 Each)
Capacitive Touch Sensor Switch Arduino Compatible RGB LED Module 2 Pack 1838 IR Infrared 37.9khz Receiver (2 Pack)
Infrared Transmitter Module (2 Pack) Electromagnet Module For Arduino