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Platinum Tools 5" Side Cutting Wire Nippers Platinum Tools CCS-6 Cable Cutter Eclipse PM-731 Mini Lineman's Plier
Eclipse PM-736 Long Nose Pliers Eclipse PM-737 Diagonal Cutting Pliers Eclipse PM-746 Needle Nose Pliers
Eclipse PM-754 Flat Nose Pliers Eclipse PM-755 Bent Nose Pliers Eclipse 200-037 4.5" Diagonal Cutters
Eclipse 200-038 6" Diagonal Cutters Eclipse 200-087 5" Heavy Duty Wire Cutters Eclipse 200-046 Round Cable Cutter
Eclipse 100-042 6" Needle-Nosed Pliers Eclipse 100-003 5" Needle Nose Plier W/Cutter Eclipse 100-040 Needle Nose Plier W/Cutter
6" Slip-Joint Pliers Plastic-Dip Handle Quest Technology TMS-2000 PVC Raceway Duct Cutting Tool Xcelite 170M Low Profile Electronic Shear Cutter Tool
Plato 170 Shear Cutter Plato 170LX Ergonomic Shear Cutter Plato 170S Extra Strong Shear Cutter
Plato 170 Shear Cutter
Our Price: $6.95
5.5" Needle Nose Pliers Flush-Cut Wire Cutter
5.5" Needle Nose Pliers
Our Price: $3.95
Flush-Cut Wire Cutter
Our Price: $4.95