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Short LED Strips on sale!

Fun and Educational Kits from OWI Robotics!

OWI-MSK616 Super Solar Recycler Kit OWI-MSK610 6 In 1 Educational Solar Kit USB Interface for Robotic Arm Edge 535-USB OWI-MSK640 7 In 1 Rechargeable Solar Transformers
OWI-750 Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kit OWI-MSK641 Solar Space Fleet OWI-891 EM4 Robot Kit OWI-752 Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Kit
OWI-891 EM4 Robot Kit
Our Price: $19.95
OWI-751 Salt Water Fuel Cell Giant Arachnoid Kit Fuel Cell Mag Refill 5pk For OWI-752 Salt Water Monster Truck Kit Fuel Cell Magnesium Refill 5 Pack For OWI-750, 751 and 753 Kits OWI-631 Air Power Racer
OWI-631 Air Power Racer
Our Price: $25.95
OWI-753 Salt Water Fuel Cell Motorcycle Kit OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge Kit with Wired Controller OWI-MSK615 14 In 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit OWI-MSK679 The Solar System Kit